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Brewed in Maryland

+ Guinness Blonde 5.0% ABV
Guinness Blonde is this brewery’s flagship beer. It has been around since 2013, but has only very recently been brewed in the big brewhouse on site here at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery & Barrelhouse. We have refined the recipe – with input from our brewing team and to suit our new brewing systems - but the basics of the beer are very much the same. This is a crisp, golden beer, carbonated for lively, evanescent bubbles. It has a noticeable but gentle hop aroma of citrus and tropical fruits, clean cracker-bread malt flavor and a pleasantly bitter refreshing finish. Quite different in presentation to a classic pint of Guinness Draught Stout, but in fact fermented with the very same yeast. Aside from the yeast, we use all North American ingredients, including two-row malt, a touch of caramel malt, and hops from the Pacific Northwest like Mosaic and Citra.
+ Guinness IPA 6.5% ABV
This pivots off our brewmaster Peter Wiens’ and head brewer Hollie Stephenson’s experience brewing IPAs on both the West and East Coast. We added hops to the kettle for bittering (but not as much as a West Coast IPA). We used Centennial hops (like West Coast IPA), but added – Mosaic, Simcoe, and El Dorado (like a New England IPA). This beer has a beautiful golden amber color and the hops give it loads of citrus (lemon rind and orange), papaya, pineapple, peach, and pine aromas. This is a beer to please hop lovers of all types.
+ Guinness Milk Stout 5.3% ABV
The Guinness brewery and the sweet or milk stout style have co-existed for over a century, but it’s only recently that the maker of the world’s most popular stouts has begun experimenting with unfermentable lactose which leaves a touch of residual sweetness in the beer. The product of a lot of collaboration between our brewers on both sides of the Atlantic, this beer’s deep mahogany color comes from a bevy of specialty malts: caramel 120, chocolate, BlackPrinz, and of course, Guinness Roasted Barley. The aroma boasts notes of coffee and chocolate, which are present in the taste, as well. Mt. Hood hops were added to the whirlpool for a comforting and balanced woody earthy hop flavor.
+ Guinness White Ale 5.0% ABV
Is there a better way to dispel the notion that all Guinness beer must be black? One of a series of beer’s we’ve brewed recently inspired by the venerable Belgian brewing tradition, this aromatic ale, made with malted and unmalted wheat, actually showcases our Guinness yeast from Dublin. You see, our yeast is so versatile that if used carefully it can produce wonderful fruity, peppery aromas which we chose to accentuate by using grains of paradise, lemon peel and sweet and bitter orange peels in the whirlpool. This beer is perfect for summer sipping, with a crisp, refreshing finish and surprisingly low bitterness.
+ Guinness Oatmeal Pale 5.7% ABV
Like in our oatmeal stout, the addition of oats increases the body and texture of the final beer. This ale has a malt bill with a large percentage of both malted and flaked oats, which create a soft and full mouthfeel. We used some exciting new hops from the Pacific Northwest, Ekuanot and Loral, which give the beer exotic floral, peppery, berry and tropical fruit aromas. This ale is also an experiment with Smithwick’s ale yeast, used in Dublin to ferment Ireland’s oldest ale.
+ Coffee Stout 5% ABV
We were delighted recently to collaborate with Vent Coffee Roasters of Baltimore for a coffee beer festival, which inspired us to work with their coffee again. While most stouts contain subtle notes of coffee (contributed by the roasted barley), this version dials it up by including locally roasted coffee from our friends at Vent. We used their Brazilian coffee in both the brew kettle and cold-steeped post-fermentation, leading to chocolate and vanilla aromas, and prominent toffee, dark chocolate, and (quite obviously) coffee flavors. The finished beer is a deep black with a tan head, with a medium body that marries the best of both a great cup of coffee and a great glass of beer. This beer also makes use of the historic Guinness stout yeast.
+ Belgian Chocolate Stout NEW 6.4% ABV
While designing the recipe for our Belgian-inspired stout there was some debate about whether the beer would be better with or without enhanced chocolate character. So, we decided to brew two versions – this one has some cacao nibs added post-fermentation to bring out a rich, decadent chocolate flavor that beautifully offsets the roasty bitterness of the roasted barley. Is it better with or without the chocolate? You decide.
+ El Dorado Amber Ale NEW 4.8% ABV
Our first beer in the amber category here at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Barrel house, this subtly sweet, caramel-rounded brew checks all the traditional boxes for the style (medium body, biscuity qualities coming from layered caramel malts). On the flipside, the El Dorado and Loral hops bring light, tea-light flavors and aromas, backed up by the familiar esters produced by our legacy Guinness yeast. A unique option that perfectly slides into our tap line up.
+ Hibiscus Wheat NEW 5% ABV
Most people, when asked to think of Guinness, would likely picture the deep ruby darkness of our iconic Draught Stout. This beer subverts those preconceptions, presenting with a beautiful hibiscus flower pink, and a fluffy pink-tinted head. It’s slightly tart with light notes of citrus and herbs, with a noticeably botanical and floral aroma. The combination of two-row, pilsner, and both malted and unmalted wheat give the beer a distinctively tart taste, which marries nicely with the addition aromsa provided by the Citra hops, sweet orange peel, and dried hibiscus (which unsurprisingly, gave this beer a lot of its color.)
+ Coconut Porter NEW 5.7% ABV
Porter shares a lot of characteristics with stout, but remains a distinct style. This version was created with 150lbs of coconut chips, giving it a full, silky body behind a dark brown color and tan head. The coconut flavors pair with hints of toasted peanuts and chocolate, with a very slight cinnamon finish.
+ Rye Stout NEW 5.5% ABV
We’ve had two version of our popular Rye Pale Ale on tap already, but this is a first for this taproom: a base stout packed with rye and single hopped with Ella hops. It’s classically dark reddish brown, with a medium tan-colored head that lingers even as you drink. Behind the typical roastiness of a stout, there’s a pepperiness and earthiness, all coming from the rye additions. While roast dominates the flavor profile, the beer is very full-bodied and creamy, creating a balance between dry and soft that leads to a unique drinking experience.

Brewed in Dublin

You get to have a hand in the next generation of Guinness beers.

Around two thirds of our on-tap beers are in-progress brews from our 10-barrel experimental brewery. Your feedback will help us decide whether to keep moving ahead with something, tweak the recipe or try something else.

We try to keep special treats on hand from our St. James’s Gate brewery in Dublin.

For example, our bars are one of a handful of places on earth where you’ll find a range of our Irish stouts on draught.

And we’re always happy to serve you a perfect pint of our classic Guinness Draught stout.

This is the place to try all our barrel-aged beers.

Part of our mission is to be the home base of barrel-aging for all of Guinness. So, if you’re feeling adventurous, be sure to ask your bartender what’s on tap from the barrels.