We’ve also got a number of experimental beers on tap – all of which were brewed right here in Baltimore! Check out our social media for the latest full tap list.

Brewed in Maryland

Guinness Blonde 5.0% ABV
Blonde Ale
Appearance: golden yellow, brilliantly clear
Aroma: citrus, tropical fruits
Flavor: clean cracker malt, effervescent
Brewer’s Notes: Guinness Blonde is this brewery’s flagship beer. Introduced in 2013, this beer is now brewed in the big brewhouse on-site here at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery.
Guinness IPA 6.9% ABV
American India Pale Ale
Appearance: golden amber, slight haze
Aroma: papaya, pineapple, peach
Flavor: citrus, sweet, bitter
Brewer’s Notes: A mixture of West and East coast styles. Features Centennial hops but also has Mosaic, Simcoe, and El Dorado.
Guinness Over the Moon Milk Stout 5.3% ABV
Milk Stout
Appearance: deep brown but clear, white head
Aroma: chocolate, sweetness, roast
Flavor: round mouthfeel, subtle sweetness, chocolate
Brewer’s Notes: Made with unfermentable lactose sugar, which give it a distinctive sweetness compared to a dry stout.
Guinness White Ale 4.9% ABV
White Ale
Appearance: pale yellow, cloudy, white head
Aroma: peppery, citrus, fruity
Flavor: citrus, crisp
Brewer’s Notes: Made with both malted and umalted wheat, and fermented with the legacy Guinness yeast (yes, the same as our Draught Stout).
Guinness Barrel-Aged Stock Ale 10.0% ABV
Barrel-aged blended ale
Appearance: deep brown, tan head
Aroma: bourbon, vanilla, coffee, stone fruit
Flavor: full-bodied, chocolate, raisins, roasted barley
Brewer’s Notes: A blend of an imperial stout and a barley wine, this beer spent 8 months in Bulleit Bourbon barrels before being blended to our brewer’s tastes.
El Dorado Amber 4.8% ABV
Amber Ale
Appearance: brilliant amber, clear, white head
Aroma: tea, earthy, malty
Flavor: subtly sweet, caramel, medium body, biscuit
Brewer’s Notes: Eponymous El Dorado hops bring tea aromas, backed up by esters produced by our legacy Guinness yeast.
Batch 62 IPA 7.0% ABV
American IPA
Appearance: light gold, bright white head
Aroma: ripe fruit, fresh fruit, citrus
Flavor: light body, bold hop character, moderate bitterness
Brewer’s Notes: Named after our sixty-second batch of beer brewed on the two-barrel system, this rebrew is generously dry-hopped.
Coffee Stout 5.3% ABV
Stout brewed with Coffee
Appearance: dark brown, tan head
Aroma: roast, chocolate, coffee
Flavor: coffee, toffee, dark chocolate
Brewer’s Notes: Made with Columbian coffee from local roaster, Vent Coffee.

Brewed in Dublin